Background Screening

Packages are designed to meet the specific needs of your institution and the position you intend to fill. A package could be one item or several items from the list. You can customize your pre-employment screening preferences in any combination of the items offered to maximize your recruiting functions.

Core Checks

Core Checks search and verify an applicant’s background.

The Reference Company validates that the person being checked is the same as the person listed on the application through ID verification, Social Security Number trace and address history search….

Criminal and Civil Searches are completed at County, State and Federal levels.  Additional searches include motor vehicle driving records, bankruptcy and international criminal searches.  Searches are performed where the applicant has lived, worked, etc…

An applicant’s Qualifications are examined through primary source verification of employment, academics,  licensure, registration,  and certification…

Sanctions are identified by reviewing the OIG, EPLS, Office of Foreign Assets, National Practitioner Data Bank (NPDB), Michigan Department of Corrections, and Sexual Offender Registry Search…

References are the basis of performance evaluations and provide clarity by assessing past job performance as an indicator of future performance and past behavior as an indicator of future behavior.  The reference questions are presented as open ended so that full and meaningful answers are encouraged.