The Reference Company validates that the person being checked is the same as the person listed on the application through ID verification, Social Security Number trace and address history search. A trace of the applicant’s social security number can provide an address history that is important in determining where to search for criminal records, and helps ensure that the background check is thorough and complete.   ID verification is determined by searching different consumer databases for information that is associated with a social security number, and comparing it to information found on the application and/or resume. Examples of such information include the spelling of names, other names used, the current and previous addresses of residence, date of birth, etc.

Social Security: The Reference Company verifies the validity of the social security number by its date of issue, place of issue, status (active, death file), date of birth and algorithmic form for social security number issued prior to June 2011.

As of June 2011, the Social Security Administration went to randomization for issuing social security numbers. Therefore, social security numbers issued after this date cannot be validated through a consumer reporting agency.

However, we offer an E-Verify Check (post-hire) that will reveal the validity of the social security number along with identifying information.