i-Evaluations is a pre-screening software solution that gathers online reference evaluations from an applicant’s prior supervisors and peer references.  It also compares competency ratings for multiple applicants applying for the same position.  The end result is the ability to quickly identify better candidates to fill your positions, therefore, optimizing your pre-screening process.

Fast and Easy Setup
With i-Evaluations software you initiate, manage and follow-up with your applicant’s references.  You have total control of the process.  We will get you started with our fast and easy setup and a short training presentation which will let you immediately start experiencing the benefits.

The system provides fast entry of multiple applicants and an easy to use Applicant Dashboard.  The recruiter has the ability to easily monitor if the applicant has submitted the required information or received the evaluations.

Reduce Time and Cost
Since online references are less expensive than phone references, more applicants can be put through the pre-screening process.  In addition, more references per applicant can be obtained at no additional cost.

Additional time and cost savings can be achieved by using i-EvaluationsTM as a reference gathering method because the recruiter’s login is linked with access to The Reference Company’s i-Trims Secure core background checking system (ID, criminal checks, etc.) for any additional needed services.

What makes i-EvaluationsTM effective for Better Applicant Selection?

  • Competency Based Evaluations – The evaluation forms that references complete focus on core competencies and skill sets relevant to the applicant’s work environment. There are three levels of evaluations depending on position:  professional, supervisory or executive.
  • Easy and Anonymous Gathering Approach – References are more likely to provide honest feedback since ratings and responses are compiled into a summarized report and are not identifiable. References can complete the online evaluation anytime, anywhere increasing the ability to successfully collect responses.
  • Applicant Self-Evaluations – Applicants complete an evaluation on themselves providing valuable insight.  Coupled with their Competency Report from reference evaluations, it can be useful during the interview process to tailor questions.
  • Applicant Comparisons – Applicants can be easily compared to other applicants, overall and by competency area.
  • Average Rating by Position – As evaluations are completed in the system, the average rating by position is calculated and used to show how applicants stack up against the average for the position.
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