Motor Vehicle Report:
The applicant’s motor vehicle driving record is obtained from the state that issued the applicant’s driver license. Motor vehicle reports are imperative if an applicant is being considered for a position in which the job requirements include traveling, or if the applicant will have access to a company vehicle. A driving record provides insight into how an applicant abides by the state’s motor vehicle laws.

Specifically, the motor vehicle report includes misdemeanor-driving offenses such as driving while under the influence of alcohol, impaired driving, and driving on a suspended license. It also reports moving violation that may have occurred including but not limited to speeding and disobeying traffic signals as well as accident information.

You may have reason for concern regarding applicants who have a history of repeated traffic violations or have failed to deal responsibly with their violations.

Drug Screening:
The Reference Company works with Quest Diagnostics, one of the leading drug test providers with access to a large network of collection sites.