Why Us?

Our Experience

We have over 24 years of experience in Background Screenings and Credentialing, serving:

  • Large Systems-Multiple Locations
  • Small Companies
  • Variety of Industries: Industrial, Commercial, Health Care, Law Firms, Search and Placement Firms, etc.

Primary Source

We obtain our information through:

  • Primary Source Verifications ensuring quality and accuracy.

Technology Driven

We are a technology driven office, featuring:

  • iTrims – The Reference Company custom software to manage requests from initiation to completion
  • Online Reference Solutions – iRefs and iEvaluations

Customer Service

Our customer service is well known in the business as excellent.

  • If you call or e-mail, you get an immediate response from knowledgeable team members.


  • The Reference Company is managed by professionals with experience in Health Care, Industrial/Commercial Industries, and Information Technology Companies.


Why Us